Another ruddy thread about headphones

Probably one for the dayshift, but you never know, @1101010 might be around.

I have the AKG 451, would quite like to upgrade to some noise cancelling ones but can’t bring myself to spend over £100.

Most be on-ear and not enormous. Any recos? shoot.

if you got nothing to offer in the way of help, then just tell us what YOU use.

anyone used the AKG Y55?

I’m on NADs right now.

Great headphones but can be a little bit uncomfortable if worn for long periods with glasses as they are fairly tight and can mash the frames into your head.

are there any way to have headphones that are comfy with glasses or should I just accept my fate?

Bose over-ear are pretty comfortable
Bowers & Wilkins P5 - really comfortable
Sennheiser Momentum - pretty comfortable
NAD HP 50 - uncomfortable

AKG 550s are fine with glasses although can be tough to get the seal right

in-ear is how I deal with this.

Guys i’m not on glassesbook

Sennheiser Momentums are absolutely fine to wear with glasses.

You’re on PickyPickyGitBook, though: “Oh they can’t be in-ear gasp but I don’t want to have to wear large headphones on my head. Oh my. Small and dainty. But VERY VERY GOOD.”

Nah in-ears are trash maaaan. i want the real warm vinyls experience.

Cmon guys help me waste a hundred bones

There is not a chance you don’t wear glasses.

I have AKG’s Y50 and they’re good so I assume the Y55 would be good too.

That’s all I have.

Any recommendations for over ear 20-35 quid headphones? My inner ear music fidelity ones have just developed a dodgy cable.

i don’t wear glasses

weren’t you a 450/451 user previously? how do they compare?

spend 40 and get the 451s. you can replace the cable.

nope: AKG K518 previously. They were really good but the cable was very thin. The Y50 has a replaceable cable so fine there. I think the Y50 sound better but I liked the K518 a lot.

aight. thanks for your input!

The AKG K451 are absolutely fine for me with specs - they don’t grip your bonce too tightly. Might depend on how chunky your frames are, though.