Another Saturday

Morning everyone,

Big night? Can’t believe I’m in line to start the thread.

Up early-ish to put a long shift in to finish something I’ve been working on for a while before hopefully taking 4 days off. Cup of tea in bed to ease me into the day but hoping to be out of the door in 30.

Not a listless thread title, but rather:


Morning :wave:

Welcome @nav to the world of starting daily threads. Always pleased to see new (or less-usual) thread starters. Lovely Stuart Murdoch track too.

Without further ado, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:56 16:22 08:25:55 +2:54
London 07:53 16:30 08:36:14 +2:45
Glasgow 08:30 16:26 07:56:51 +3:23
Manchester 08:10 16:30 08:19:39 +3:00
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:03 16:49 08:45:35 +2:36
Newcastle 08:15 16:20 08:05:40 +3:14
Cardiff 08:05 16:42 08:36:27 +2:45
Belfast 08:30 16:39 08:09:22 +3:10

:honeybee: Manchester :honeybee: smashing the three minute mark today - congratulations to all involved in this Herculean task.

Going to put some warm clothes on and head up to the coast as it’s sunny and fairly calm.


Morning lovelies

Finished my tea so it’s up, breakfast, shower and heading out to Alfred’s Tower for a dog walk with friend.

Then home for cauliflower pasanda and telly time

Very good.


Morning all!

Mild hangover for me this morning and I have a feeling I will be snacking through it all day.

After The Child does drama, she’s having an afternoon painting nails with her mother. I think I’m going to Costco.


Making pancakes, then off on a pub/taproom crawl this afternoon in Portsmouth and Southsea. Can’t bloody wait m9s


Should I go for a McDonald’s breakfast or go into Guildford for Korean street food which will zap my energy for the day

  • Macdonalds
  • Korean

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Morning hello hello :wave:

Great gig last night and so lovely to meet up with some of the Brighton gang beforehand. Loved it.

Just having a hotel bed tea, then it’s shower, off out for breakfast, a mooch along the seafront, then a crafty pint or two before getting the (hopefully glitch-free) train home. Whattaday.



Just rolled out of bed after a nice lie in.

Quite foggy out there. Wasn’t expecting it and got blinded when I opened the door to get the milk in.

Nowt planned. Can hopefully avoid leaving the house other than to take the dog for a walk.

Mrs W is in a bad mood with me because of something that happened in her dream last night.

It’s going to be a long day.


I’m glad that gig was good. Sorry I missed it. I was worried that I’d be insanely jealous - but in the end, Totoro was magical enough to offset my FOMO.


That’s good to hear. Especially lovely taking the kids too. Had a sneaky suspicion Totoro would be excellent!

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my darling partner has gone out to acquire done pastries for breakfast, what a day. gonna go acquire a laundry basket

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I’m sat at my desk working like a fucking schmuck

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This was going to be my first choice for thread song but thought any kind of ‘Roller Skating Thread Called…’ pun would confuse a lot of people

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Watching murray hobble about.

Got very little planned today but got my heart set on takeaway later.

Kittens arriving in 6 hours

Currently making plans for sneaking them in (not allowed pets…)


Slept for twelve hours. Going for a bath now.


Just put in a Trove pastry deliveroo order like I’m some sort of billionaire because @Tuna made me envious.

My brother is coming over soon for his once in a decade visit, bit anxious. Then I’ve got the neighbour’s kids for the weekend so she can have a nice birthday weekend. Going to make hot dogs and popcorn and leave them to their own devices as much as i can get away with.

Got out of my reading slump last night :innocent:


My 11 year old just told me that what I was listening to wasn’t Dubstep it was “Dadstep” :slight_smile: