another tea thread


My vegan girlfriend encouraged me to try oat milk and now I’ll never drink cows milk again. Genuinely think oat milk tastes far nicer.

that’s just bad British tea though. Assume yer man shrewbs is talking about your darjeelings, your assams, your matchas, your greens, your longjings, etc


I dabbled with the occasional oat milk for ages and was convinced it just wasn’t the same and not worth drinking. But then I bit the bullet and went exclusively oat and within a week it just tasted like a cup of tea. Plus it seems to have 100% solved my chronic sinus issues that I’ve suffered from for nearly 20 years.

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yeah i agree that the brits do british tea way better, gonna bring a big box of it back with me next time

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Clipper is the one, but not everywhere has it so it’s co-op own brand otherwise. Got to be fair trade anyway.

Yeah iknym

You have to have an everyday standard though.

Also green tea is shit - I’ve tried, I really have.

C or D (think A is probably fine too)

Pickwick is utter shite

As is Typhoo and PG Tips, I don’t know how anyone could say they all taste the same

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Surprised at how people take sugar in tea, given that tea is disgusting, I only take one if the wife is making it so I can dunk my biscuit in something.

C2C for me, but I’m coffee at least 10:1. Coffee black and no sugar if it’s real coffee, 2C if instant.

wouldn’t want tea to be an exciting adventure, it’s just something habitual for comfort and security

C5C of course. No deviation.

Pretty much exclusively on the vanilla roobois these days. Felt like I wasn’t smug enough already.

Sainos were doing the organic for £3 a box the other day (cheaper than the basic fairtrade). I got 3 boxes. Should have got more really

back in my cow’s milk days I would have scorned you very hard for putting whole milk in your tea.