Another 'whatever happened to Post of the Week' thread

Do people want this back? Anon poll

  • Yes
  • No

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If it’s not stepping on your toes @tilty or @Mert_Aksac (think you did it originally?) I would be up for running it

I would like to nominate this Post of the Week.


think my last attempt at doing it fell flat (probs combo of lack of interest and poor admin handling!) but would enjoy it coming back

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Post-ISATD bump. It’s a low turnout but sitting on a supermajority at the moment so a pretty clear mandate for a POTW revival IMO

I think it is fun when it’s running but it takes a fair amount of maintenance I reckon.

I would like to nominate BobRickerton’s post

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I know this is not to nominate POTW, it’s just a tribute etc

nemracs would deffo be this weeks POTW


Who did run this first? I know @whiterussian ran it for a while, as did I (aka @PostOfTheDay)?

Was it a thing on the old boards or only on these ones?

Does anything mean anything anymore?

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It was this

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You’re welcome!

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Still not over it.

If I do end up doing this, I’d be happy to keep a list of people who’ve opted-out so they don’t get included. I don’t think there’s a way to stop people being nominated, but at least I can catch them before any of the weekly polls.

Don’t think there’d be another way to do it though, and would rather not do it at all if it’s gonna cause any upset or anxiety.

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Your fault for giving the role up :man_shrugging:

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It’s tedious innit. Good luck @TVDenimChap

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This is a good point, and reminds me why it died out in the end.