Answer one of these two questions about my male bonding historical tourism road trip with my son and dad. Ready? Go!

Tomorrow I’m going on a little road trip with my dad and my son and we want to visit some/a historical site(s) that will be interesting for the grown ups and bearable with a 2 year old. Day 1 is sorted, driving from London to my aunties house in Gloucestershire via Avebury to look at them well old stones. Wednesday we’re gonna visit some pals for brunch then drive home.

Please answer at least one of the following questions.

question one
What interesting historical sites/buildings/castles/battlefields etc have you been to that are day trippable from near Stroud? Preferably outdoors-y ones that a toddler can run around not noticing that they’re somewhere proper boring.

question two
What’s THE BEST* website to find such places?
*not just A related website, THE BEST such website.

Thank you for your riveted, thrilled attention during this rollercoaster of an OP

You need @Slicky for this one really…

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Is there a Visit (whatever county Stroud is in) website? They might have a list of events and attractions.

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That’d be Gloucestershire.

One thing I know about Stroud is that according to the signs as you enter the town it is the ‘World’s First Bee Guardian Town’

I’m guessing there’s probably some sort of Roman historical shit in Cirencester isn’t there?
Not a castle, but Birdland at Bourton on the Water is alright.

Hey kids!

Can’t believe it’s this that’s dragged me back…:smiley: Anyways.

Avebury is a top shout, do the circular walk and DO go in the manor house, it’s set up for kids to do everything like get in the beds, mix stuff in the kitchen, try out the galloping chair etc. So not a dull old house at all.

Day trips… depends what you like.

Forest of Dean sculpture trail is nearby for great walking, there’s a cafe etc there too.

Tyntesfield is just north of Bristol if you like Gothic architecture (who doesn’t right?) Another NT place.

Westonbirt is good if your son likes the Gruffalo as there is a while interactive trail. Bit got all the trees and out them in a tree museum though.

But further towards me castle wise I would recommend Nunney castle or Farleigh castle. Nunney is FREE which is good, Farleigh is NHeritage so you pay a bit but it is lovely, fantastic views etc round there too…

If you want to head more Wiltshire way Lacock is your quintessential olde world village, loads of stuff films there, abbey and grounds lovely with paddling in the Avon. Dyrham is another NT house and grounds, loads of deer to spot and a great kids play bit with tractors!

Website. obvs.

Let me know if you want more ideas or further details on any…


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Absolutely wonderful reply thanks. Gonna do a lil bit o googling and come back to you xxx

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Ha Birdland! Why go to some parochial BirdLAND when you can for to BirdWORLD (a stones throw from Frensham Ponds).

  • BirdLAND
  • BirdWORLD
  • I prefer not to disclose my answer in a public poll of this nature

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