Answering the door

Apparently those damn MILLENNIALS don’t answer the door anymore unless they know who it’s going to be. I have to say, speaking as a millennial, I sort of agree - the last time I answered the door when I didn’t know someone was coming round, it was a fucking Hello Fresh salesman trying to get me to sign up to a subscription. FUCK OFF MATE. Also our doorbell is insanely loud so I automatically harbour a grudge against anyone who uses it (anyone who regularly visits knows not to use it and just ring me instead).


I answer the door. It might be good news.

Although it’s usually a current or former MP, recently.

With good news?

Yeah, I wouldn’t open the door, especially after dark, if I wasn’t expecting someone, I don’t think.

(and I’m not a millennial either)

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Not so much from the Lib Dem, no.

Perks of living on the 10th floor (I always answer the buzzer to check if it’s a delivery obviously).

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New place doesn’t have a doorbell so I don’t have a choice


How long did doing the laughter track on that take?

I get it though, it’s like phone conversations, young people are more alienated from normal human communication than ever so their first reaction’s just severe anxiety rather than “oh the postman’s here”.

Serious response: Even though they sound fake and are slightly edited, the audiences at those recordings would absolutely scream with laughter at basically every joke so we were just as likely to take laughs out if anything.

Alt response: bloody ages mate lol

Have I told you my Graham Linehan Netrunner anecdote? It’s a cracker.

You beat him?

Online, once.


(he’s not very good)

The worst thing is when they have to keep retaking those radio shows over and over so you need to try to laugh the same as the first take.

I seem to recall attending a Hudson and Pepperdine episode where they did the final bit into the end credits about 8 times.

I also remember being at a screening of League of Gentlemen Series 2, well the first 3 episodes, in order to record laughter, only for everyone to be called ‘canned laughter’. THE CHEEK! But that said, you can totally see the difference in early Red Dwarf where they film it with the audience there and play off it, and when it’s just a recording of people watching the video.

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Nobody’s rung the doorbell ever since I’ve been in my new apartment. If they did I would obviously answer it though.

I always answer the door - if I’m not expecting it and it’s not the postman then it’s usually my neighbours telling me I’ve done something stupid like left my keys in the door again.

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I used to have an intercom at my flat. Kids used to prank it, I felt like a proper old man.

Yeah it’s totally different from a timing perspective. Jokes get missed coz people are still laughing at the previous one, or actors are stood there just waiting for the laugh to die down.