Ant and Dec --Ant


Have we discussed this yet? I saw Dec doing Takeaway solo on Saturday. Dude looked so lonely.

Don’t pretend you don’t know which is which.


Really irks me when famous people think they’re above the law.


I was saying to someone yesterday, imagine if Dec goes it alone permanently now, and in 40 years is the Brucie of his age, and our children and their children will all love Sir Dec and never even knew he was once part of a double act.


Like Mel Gibson?


Who was Brucie a double-act with?


i hate it when people pretend they dont know which is which

ant is the one whose forehead goes on for as far as the eye can see


You’ve missed the point.



I only know because Ant’s on the left. I couldn’t tell them apart alone.


Steve McQueen


Not much to be honest, no.


I watched Sam and Mark’s Friday Night Wind Up this weekend. I fucking loved it. It was great, warm telly. (although unfortunately I do now know who New Hope Club are)

Sam & Mark > Ant & Dec


richard beeching


That’s not true, you made an ambiguous point.




Where would Dick & Dom fit into this line-up?


Sure, but having a few quid doesn’t mean that serious mental health problem exclude you from irrational behaviour.

I’m sure we all feel pretty strongly about drink-drivers, but at the same time there’s been an obvious lack of compassion for the factors causing his behaviour.


I quite like them too but there is something sinister about them. Plus Diddy TV is a bit of a misstep.


Regardless of if Brucie ever was part of a double act or not, it wouldn’t change my point.


Are you two doing an act?