Ant and Dec --Ant

Should just have a clean slate and give all their shows to the Chuckle Brothers.


It makes it less poignant and tragic.


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Leaving conference.

Oh no of course man, not saying otherwise. I hope he finds the help he needs.

Just like Ant :cry:

Why does Ant, the largest of of the duo, not simply eat the other one?



MARLON: Hello everyone, put your hands together

ROSCOE: Now part them

MARLON: Now please put them together again

ROSCOE: Hmm… … … repeat the two actions in quick succession please thanks

The audience are clapping

MARLON: Thank you thank you thank you I’m Marlon

ROSCOE: And I’m Roscoe and this is

MARLON AND ROSCOE: Roscoe and Marlon’s Saturday Night Takeaway

ROSCOE: Yes we are standing in for Ant and Dec this Saturday, yes they are the kings of Saturday night light entertainment and whatnot but we’re sure we can put together a crowd-pleasing evening of mainstream accessible entertainment

MARLON: And kicking things off it’s our extra special musical guest! PHILIP JECK


Anyone managed to think of a double act where one goes on to be really famous and the other one sinks into obscurity? I can’t do any better than Mike and Bernie Winters so far.

Give him time.

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I honest to god wouldn’t want to put money on knowing which one is which.

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I was going to say Les Dennis and Dustin Gee but that seems a bit cruel.


Tom Hanks and Hooch

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The White Stripes?

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Feel genuinely sorry for Ant, his ex wife, and for Dec and his wife too. By all accounts the four were best friends for a long time, and the whole thing is shattered. Ant and his wife had to deal with the heartbreak of infertility- some people just don’t ever get over that. And then his knee operation resulted in an addiction to pain relief, and the wheels properly started to come off the marriage- you can see only too easily how he could have ended up in the mess he’s in.

Does anybody in such a mess really think they’re above the law? None of us can say for sure, but I can imagine when he got into his car battered that day he wasn’t thinking ‘I’m ant McP, fuck the polis, I can do what I like’. I suspect it was much more basic than that.

I really hope he gets better and properly rehabilitated, and that the duo get back on screen. They seem like genuinely decent people, one of whom has lost his way.


Everyone agreed that Challenge Ant went too far this time


DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince


Ant and Dec

  • I like them
  • I do not like them and am a deeply untrustworthy person

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I don’t understand how your initial post is NOT implying otherwise…LEAVE ANT ALONE

Fuck it.