Ant and Dec --Ant


Fuck it.


Option 3: don’t have an opinion. They were never a part of my TV life.


I think there needs to be an increased empathy with this kind of situation, but it’s really important that (which is the big worry imo) said empathy isn’t just reserved for beloved celebrities, bc that just feeds into the problem


I edited as I felt like I was punching down but you articulated a lot better than I could.


Ant & Dec

  • I know which is which
  • I dont know which is which
  • I know which is which but pretend not to

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you can’t spell decadent without ant and dec


Alright Jimmy Carr


Yep - all of this.
Always thought that, considering they did the whole growing-up-in-the-public-eye thing that they were pretty well balanced and likeable lads. Heard a few rumours about their fondness for a toot on a night out but when all’s said and done they are a couple of chirpy Geordies who made a few quid so go figure. Hope he gets himself sorted and finds his peace


You know the Chuckle Brothers have got some DARK skeletons in their closet


Please let it be Dick and Dom, that way dads across the land can do the ‘Which one’s Dom? They both look like Dicks to me’ gag every single week.


This is just the tip of the… iceberg


I don’t know why this has done me but it really has


Always be kind of fascinated by Ant and Dec. They appear to have very little comic talent, don’t sing or dance. And yet they’re pretty much the biggest thing on telly in a generation.

They have an undefinable and not to be underestimated talent of simply being likeable. They enjoy each other and the viewers enjoy watching them enjoy each other’s company. It’s cosy and not in a contrived way. Respect due.


Newman and Baddiel? The bloke who was the partner of the one who is in outnumbered… To a lesser extent Lee and Herring.

There was an article about this in guardian the other day.


Really good piece, this:


That’s the one!

My main thought on Ant and Dec was who the hell goes all the way to Disneyland to sit and watch that show? Baffling. Lot of adverts as well, can normally only last ten minutes watching…
Seem nice enough mind.


Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis still do the Now Show on R4 together.


Yeah, I’m an utter cynic but I’ve always quite liked them. Can easily imagine in another universe being their mates.


this was a bit disappointing

Recent disappointments

I remember when Ant went blind on Byker Grove. Always wear your goggles when paintballing!