Ant and Dec --Ant


Biggest disparities seem to be when someone goes to America and makes a success of it like John Oliver did.


Hope you’re paying your license fee still. :smiley:


You can’t pay a licence fee in another country. You can’t access iPlayer stuff or use any of the apps so I guess you can only listen to the radio via online streams but I don’t bother :frowning:


Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver’s paths have gone in very different directions. I’m sure Richard Herring has had other ‘less successful halves the double act’ on his podcast, but I’m struggling to remember which ones. Adam Buxton! Of course. Joe Cornish might not exactly be a household name but he’s doing alright for himself. It is quite funny to hear Richard Herring repeatedly insist that he’d rather have his career than Stewart Lee’s and he’s not at all bitter about it.

There was a time when Rob Newman looked like he was eating out of a dustibin, but he seems okay now.


I actually liked it! But expectations were low.


Yes I do.


Well done guys what a brilliant thread on someones mental health and addiction problems.


I remember when max and ob left hollyoaks they tried to start an ant and dec style career but it didn’t take off, shame


Stephen Mulheard has started talking like Ricky Gervais etc.


heard wrong


Did I read correctly that ants mum was in the car with him when he crashed? Weird if true


I guess it depends on whether she was aware/ complicit. When I was in the throes of substance addiction, the first thing I learned was how to hide it (or at least the extent of it) from those closest to me. I highly doubt the news reports that had him staggering about blootered while his mum looked on. Although of course, who the hell knows?


I know this isn’t funny but


So he was twice the legal limit when breathalysed.

I know alcohol affects everyone different and this is a stupid question but to be twice over the limit for the average person that’s about 4 pints or so right?


“Police are appealing for witnesses”


how did they manage that?


oh wait - I watched without sound and it looked like the black qashqai set off before the van started moving but he’s actually been shunted.


I don’t know which one is which but pretend to


Ish. I used to work on the rule of thumb of one or two pints across an evening would be okay, any more would be daft. These days I rarely even allow myself that latitude if i’m driving.


I always have nothing if I’m driving. Not worth it.

I do need to get a breathalyser kit though - often no idea if I’m still over the limit the morning after, even if I feel ok.