Ant Haircut Reminder


Just a gentle reminder for anyone that wants to come along that Ant’s getting his hair cut on Friday.



What? He gets his hair cut on the 16th.


Get something interesting this time @Antpocalypsenow


fucks sake, are you sure? I thought it was the last Friday of the month.


Fourthsy has nailed it, no haircut required for me for a fortnight yet…


I literally can’t


sorry lads, false alarm.


Your thread wasn’t a complete waste of time: you reminded me to book a haircut for Saturday.



I dont know why you’re having such difficulty with ant’s haircut schedule, it’s really quite simple.


You could, get like a number 2 on the back and sides, leave the top as is and dye it all black or something


Oooh I’m also getting my hair cut on Friday!


anyone up for a trip to East Anglia for @Epimer 's cut?


What happens if this date is on a weekend? Do you move the cut to before/after?


Amounts of chat Epimer has with her hairdresser

  • None
  • Somehow less than no chat, like a palpable tension that neither will break

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This has been discussed at length elsewhere but in those cases my payday moves to the nearest Friday to the 16th so I have my haircut then instead.


Hold your (East Anglian) horses, I might have to reschedule because it clashes with ‘er indoors’ knitting club and someone needs to be in for the dishwasher repair person.

God, life’s so tedious.


get her to knit you a new haircut


Thanks for the brief summary



chat turns to weekend plans:

Hairdresser: Oh, nothing much, just going round a m9s to play board games…

HD: …yeah, Monopoly, maybe a bit of Buckaroo. Mad innit!