Ant, I've had another event idea!


After the runaway success of hot-beverage-of-choice-drinkability-race, I have a new idea for you.

The DiS Regional Pricing Challenge!

Inspired by the retail price thread, we post a small (but perfectly formed) shopping list of cupboard staples and each DiSer has to buy them and post the prices. Let’s see who’s paying through the nose and who’s onto a winner.

The stuff we buy could then be donated to your local foodbank if you don’t need it.

Thoughts? Feedback? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Opinions?


Can we do it in the format of a 'prentice task? a fine for every item you don’t get, no internet, lots of speakerphone use and going into very obviously inappropriate shops for each item


wake me up when november ends.


I’m in!


Each item has to be related to (whichever DiSer’s birthday it is)'s life story


I think it’s a terrific idea, friend! I’d suggest that it probably should be donated to a foodbank and that we should consult with people who aren’t idiots to ensure the items on the list will be useful and needed to said foodbanks.



Oh. actually, this is a good idea. Well done Sadpunk. :+1:


If we will use the cupboard staples are we allowed to keep them?


Is haggling allowed?



These are the things at the top of our foodbank’s most wanted list:



After that shambles of the “go round london and buy these 9 things” task, my mum and I always wonder just how easy it would be to get all those things in our nearest town, and how long/much it would take. Dunno why they make it so hard on (heh) on themselves.

C-C-C-C-C-ancel reply.


Also, for anyone who got all sneery about the great DiS Hot Drink Race, you should all be aware that it gave birth to this which is one of the funniest things I’ve seen done on this website:


“Team Endowment has stumbled into a butchers, and is trying to sell them remote controlled helicopters they have bought from a dock unit”


12 minutes? get fucked, friend


I missed this! That’s maoam isn’t it? What a bae.




worth every second.



Tinned fish
Tinned meat
bags of sugar
Rice pudding
Toiletries / sanitary products

Most foodbanks have shedloads of baked beans, soup and pasta, so not those

EDIT: I’ve also just found this list, which is from our “Reverse Advent Calendar” idea - buy an item every day in November and donate to the Foodbank at the beginning of December. But for the purposes of this thread, just use items from this list for the REGIONAL VARIATION SHOPPING CHALLENGE! Day 1: Soup, Day 2: Custard, Day 3: Shower gel, Day 4: Tin Ham, Day 5: Part-baked bread,
Day 6: Trifle Mix , Day 7: Tea Bags, Day 8: Tin Potatoes, Day 9: Fruit Juice, Day 10: Cereal,
Day 11: Biscuits, Day 12: Cranberry Sauce, Day 13: Gravy Granules, Day 14: Tin Carrots,
Day 15: Shampoo, Day 16: Christmas Pudding, Day 17: Tooth paste, Day 18: Soap,
Day 19: Pasta Sauce, Day 20: Tin Peas, Day 21: Tin Fish, Day 22: Tinned Meat Pie,
Day 23: Chocolates/Sweets, Day 24: Jam, Day 25: You Choose………


That’s good to know, I believe that tampons/pads etc and baby food are always in really short supply as well and are not often considered by well-meaning donators.

Genuinely think it would be really good if we can do this as some sort of charitable act type of deal.


I got 3 mins in before realizing it was 11 mins long and gave up