Anthony Bourdain RIP


Just seen some early reports. Horrible news.


Fucking gutted. He came across as so funny and real :frowning: The Layover was responsible for quite a few in jokes with my best mate that have had us literally sobbing with laughter :frowning:



FUCK this is the fucking worst


Man, that’s sad. He was a badass


this is sad as hell, Parts Unknown is such a fantastic show and he comes across as a real force of nature.


Man this is so sad, been watching so much of the layover on the travel channel recently. @Lo-Pan is gonna be beside himself.


Oh no no no.

Been such a big fan of his for years. An absolute GBOL. Fuck


The news just popped up on my phone and I said “Oh, dang!” really loudly. I didn’t agree with a lot of things he said but I liked his style of writing.


Kitchen Confidential is a modern classic.


was just reading about him yesterday as he waa dating Asia Argento. any shows to recommend?


Couldn’t agree more.

Awful news.


Seriously sad news. Kitchen Confidential is an enduring favourite of mine.


Yeah he was reading it on Radio 4 at the end of last year. So I got the book for Christmas. Very sad.


got something in my eye

(it’s a thread btw)




Really Sad, have always enjoyed watching his shows and reading Kitchen Confidential.
Probably the first thing I do after booking a holiday anywhere is watch any episodes he has on the place.


What a dude.


Man shite news to wake up to. Absolutely adore kitchen confidential and his tv shows are fucking great viewing.
Just always came across as an absolute right good cunt always looking for the best in people and places. :frowning: