Anti-child prejudice

Clumsily worded thread, but it’s a difficult topic - prompted by this tweet and a lot of subsequent discussion:

It’s inspired a video on Twitter of a kid getting up to mischief while baking and some of vitriol it produced in response.

I definitely think a lot of people online seem a have a weird attitude to children that they’d check themselves with if they were expressing it about any other group - and children are a vulnerable group, so you should check that too! But I’m not sure Wilkinson’s equivalence to racism is right (which she admits herself)


people who say they don’t like children probably just haven’t eaten a good one yet.

EDIT: God I hate myself sometimes.


I really like my friends and families kids but dislike all other children

Same for adults really

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pretty sure I was never a child, just doesn’t make sense for me

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I think there’s a lot of complex factors at play that define people’s attitude to kids nowadays - same as ever, but the ones now are quite specific:

Lots of people can’t afford kids or have pressures that stop them having kids and build a huge personal definition and cultural understanding of a world without children (this is terribly worded).

Older generations have always been weird about kids, so no change there.

Fringe, but also during periods of immense global stress a bit of antinatalism always creeps in.

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What’s the cutoff do you reckon?

5 fine
10 fine
15 and a half fine
16 absolute wanker

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I don’t know anyone who actually doesn’t like children. Perhaps they’ve decided they don’t want them in their lives and that’s fine. Or that they don’t feel (rightly or wrongly) they have the right emotional make-up to deal with children. But it would be a bit weird and misanthropic to flat out “not like children” and I don’t think anyone does.

Smacks of “as a parent …”

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30 - 60 mins: fine
1 - 3 hours: tolerable
4+ hours: go away!!!


How do “strong negative feelings towards children” manifest in the way that Wilks is talking about here, I wonder.

Defining yourself as actively disliking children is definitely a prejudice and I don’t think it’s healthy


This thread is going to get really bad innit :smiley:


In general I like kids and get on with them well, but i didnt always, when I was younger I disliked kids but mainly because I didnt understand them and they made me nervous . Also when people say no kids at weddings, absolutely fair enough, they need energy and patience to deal with and not everyone wants to spare that on their wedding

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There was someone who used to post on here a couple years back who was constantly moaning about kids in pubs etc. It wasn’t a good look

It’s going to be a real burner and we need to try to be respectful of people on both sides

Do people really do it though? Maybe they do idk. I’ve only spoken to a dozen people I’m not related to since March so I’m a bit out of touch with “People”.

They never get their bloody round in, do they?


Obviously it’s not their fault but many children require a lot of attention and they are often noisy and hyperactive, it’s very stressful if you are a person who needs their own space and has to work hard to maintain calm mental health to be around them and responsible for them for long periods of time.

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But I can kind of understand people wanting pubs to be a kid-free zone. (ha ha they’re not though, so suck it up!)

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I think that’s what’s being alluded to know the OP, plus if your question is ‘Do people do X?’ the answer is always Some, probably enough for it to be a thing’

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like I don’t like cities but it doesn’t mean I feel they shouldn’t exist