Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Only just realised that this is simply shampoo that won’t give you dandruff, not shampoo that gets rid of it.

Poor Dan

We must have about £80 of shampoo and conditioner floating around in our shower. So, so expensive, but works really well apparently

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Can I shock you all

I don’t think I’ve shampooed in over a decade, and I’ve not had a shaven head in all that time either

Still get fucking dandruff though

don’t think I’ve washed my hair properly in a fortnight, no dandruff at all. It’s probably all just genetic or something

I’ve got dandruff because I went through a phase of leaving conditioner in my hair instead of washing it out because it looked better

I’ve got a crispy head at the mo.

Shampoo my hair every day in the shower with whatever is there

I never used to. I might shower when I get home which means two in a day.

I don’t know if I have dandruff or indeed what causes it but I used to use minty head and shoulders religiously and I don’t think it made any difference. Now rocking some locally produced organic shampoo bar and I think it’s basically the same. Sometimes flaky, sometimes not. Who knows.

I’ve had some wine sorry if this makes no sense

I did not know that.

We are very infrequent hair washers in our house. Well I’m about once a week but Jnr about twice a year. Which is good because the lush packaging free ones don’t last me anywhere near as long as they’re meant to.

This should really be in the ‘things you’ve been slow to realise’ thread.

Is it true? Thought I just invented it tbh

Pro-dandruff shampoo

I’ve been relentlessly scratching my head this month and it looks like I have dandruff but I don’t really I just can’t stop scratching. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I get really bad dandruff. Shaved head helps though. The T-gel stuff seems to work, but it’s quite pricey. Also when I go on holiday and get a lot of sun and sea salt that seems to fix it.

I think sun and sea salt is the ultimate cure for so many things.

So sad that the oceans are going to dry up :frowning:

I think that’s the short term ocean state. Long term everything burns into nothing :frowning:

Was that the one that tingled theo’s balls?

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