(Anticipated, or desirable?) Cultural Changes You Will/Would Like to Observe, 2022 - 2032

Inspired by @anon36531393 's excellent thread looking at changes from 2012-2022, can I pose a question around anticipated (or desirable) cultural trends / changes across the next decade…?

Two that jump out for me are:

  • more equality in interest in / funding for women’s sport (was thinking specifically of professional football)

  • lots of climate related stuff (increased normalization of reduced meat & dairy consumption, enhanced use of EVs etc).


When you’ve got something on your face or your flies are open or whatever people just tell you instead of letting you crack on none the wiser.


Reckon people wearing masks in public when they’re ill should become normalised. Also loads of places to sanitise your hands.


And people wfh/sick days being normalised when they’ve got colds


On this, something approaching body neutrality. No longer seeing thin bodies as evidence of work ethic, ambition, etc while fat bodies are seen as evidence of laziness or otherwise negative. Just bodies being bodies.


I would like it if future cultural changes aren’t dictated by a handful of tech companies in pursuit of profit. For example, the move to remove all shop staff and instead having all our purchases tracked and billed by cameras is going to happen soon, but there is no consideration as to whether or not this is desirable - shopping being such an important part of the way humans have organised themselves for thousands of years. Shopping is central to all societies’ cultural experience.

I’m not desiring a post-capitalist world, and I have no idea how we can make cultural changes that reflect society’s needs rather than tech company’s needs. But I’d like to see something done.


I watched a bit of the ‘Hundred’ cricket series last Summer and they played the women’s matches on the same ground as the men’s on the same day. The matches were easily the equal in terms of entertainment and atmosphere/fan engagement. The commentators noted that the grounds were getting close to equal attendance for each match, and whilst this is just my observation it felt like the mix of young/old/male/female/ethinc background was more mixed than a standard test match for example and that seemed to really benefit the atmosphere for both the women’s and men’s matches.

Don’t know if this would work in practical terms for other sports but it was just really good.


Also thought the same re: the crowd makeup when I went (though the women’s match started at 3pm on a Friday so there were less people there).

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I’d like there to be less weight of coverage given to things that happen on twitter. Particularly on the news.

I’ve never got on with it as a medium and hate that incisive Covid analysis etc is now mostly presented solely as twitter threads because it’s one of the 4 websites people have decided are worth bothering with.


for salted caramel to take a back seat to other flavours for a while

more statues of me


Any flavours youd like to see rise/return in prominence?

legalize it!


Yeah I anticipate and hope that commenting on weight will become as antiquated as voicing an unsolicited opinion on e.g. someone’s sexuality

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Let’s all stop pretending clothes are any sort of form of self-expression shall we


More honeycomb and butterscotch

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More genre films which aren’t superhero films


now that wiley’s been cancelled, a statue of durrty goodz somewhere in hackney

one london night bus route to be renamed ‘the Burial Express’


Could you clarify what you mean by this? They obviously are (well, can be)

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