Hard as I try I can’t find the antisemitism thread I made on here - has it been deleted?

Anyway, I found this story about the discovery of the old Synagogue in Munich to be both heartwarming and exciting. It would be so appropriate if the remains could be integrated into the Ohel Jakob synagogue, jewish museum and community centre.

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Did u post the original this week? Site migrated and posts made after a cutting off period were lost (sunday i believe)

No, there did used to be a thread, which I can’t find anywhere, so we do need a new one, it seems.


Oh i see

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No, I started it a couple of years ago. Well, here’s the new one - hopefully it won’t be a busy thread, but I wanted to post that link as it represents light breaking out from the darkness of prejudice.


I really don’t know what’s happened to that thread…

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Sorry, I think I started it under an old account that I had deleted and forgot to get the opening post reassigned :slightly_frowning_face:

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My mistake, I thought it was me. Maybe because I was the main contributer I thought I was the person who started it…

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As a superuser I will have a think about this. There might be a plug in for read only threads. That being said, if a user wants gone maybe important threads are part of that too…

Just to say that at the weekend I headed over to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth.

They’ve just recently had a refurbishment so their already-decent exhibitions are now even easier to navigate/work through, and the stand-out is the Holocaust gallery, which is the most comprehensive, well-though-out discussion and breakdown of the atrocities I’ve ever seen/read.

I can’t recommend it enough: spent an hour or so just in those galleries reading through everything, and while obviously extremely sobering, to come out feeling a lot more aware of the events leading up to it feels important on a baseline human level.


Thanks for the heads up. It looks like an exceptional exhibition! (2022 winner of the ‘Museum + Heritage’ Permanent Exhibition of the Year)

Haven’t been to the Imperial War Museum in years so will have to get along there.

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i went to that in 2009 and found it deeply affecting. the moment when you walked through a tunnel… only for it to reveal it is a saved wagon that transported people to Auschwitz was… I don’t actually have a word for it.

the cases and cases filled with shoes, watches, belts… utterly unmissable.

edit. utterly unmissable makes it sound like a fucking blockbuster movie. the better words would be “utterly essential educational experience”

Devastating news.

There is now no Jewish museum in London, which is regretful as the whole purpose of its mission was to tackle prejudice and foster understanding. Admittedly I hadn’t been there post-Covid, and I spent more time at the (now closed) Finchley sister museum, but I simply can’t believe it’s gone. This city is poorer for its loss.


Went to this a couple years ago. Had a really interesting conversation about the beta Israel community with one of the volunteers there. Was a really good museum.

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It was an exceptional museum with many fine exhibitions. The last one I went to was ‘JEW. Photographs by John Offenbach’, which was amazing.

Hopefully they can find a new home soon.

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