Antonio Carluccio

RIP :frowning:

Made his recipe for ragu this week, and just had the last of it for lunch.

Love two greedy italians and so many of his recipes.

Ah that’s very sad. Seemed like a good lad, great chemistry with Gennaro.

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Aye, great big man-little man combo


Ah man, that’s really fucking sad :disappointed:


Just booked his resteraunt for the works Xmas do. Makes you think

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Had a free meal last week in one of his restaurants. Hope I’m not in some way responsible.

He was great. This recipe made me realise cabbage could be nice, and now I eat cabbage all the time, so he had a pretty big effect on my life really, cheers Antonio

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Really sad to hear he’s pasta way.


Ah man, that’s really sad. Seemed like a genuinely happy man, and Two Greedy Italians is great comfort TV.

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Aw no :frowning:
Genuinely one of my favourite tv chefs, which sounds facetious but I essentially do nothing but watch tv chefs anymore.


Big fan. Always got the impression he was completely winging it.

Liked that one he did with the other (slightly unhinged) Italian fella.

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Gennaro Contaldo, absolute legendary pairing

if you got in there first this would be doing mad #numbers on twitter