Antonio Gon-te, we 'ardly knew her - The Weekend Football Thread

Lucky you. I know two, neither of whom are from London. One of them’s from Pontypridd, ffs.

Although the AC team was properly brilliant when I first got into football…Inter started out as a pro-immigrant team IIRC? Recent crowd trouble might negate that fact, however.

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  • Celtic
  • Rangers

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Same with city. I think, as representatives of our two great towns and clubs, we ought to arrange some sort of summit.

  • Brazil
  • Argentina

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Best league in the world!

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  • Villa
  • Birmingham
  • Where?

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Next time flag down a socio and get them to buy your ticket. You’ll save €15-€20.

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Visual representation of a Man City fans expression, when they win the league in January.


I’vr got tickets to watch Utd kick Hazard off the pitch tomorrow.

You forgot to sign in as Cosmia mate!!!

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Fuck off m8s

City - Arsenal will definitely not be very funny at all

Union casuals vs St Pauli


Lads fucking hell we did this poll thing like last week

Feel a tiny bit conflicted wearing colours… the TV (St Pauli fan) is dying a little inside


You all have £1 to place on one of the following SKY SPORTS SUPER SUNDAY permutations.

Only one person won last week so they have £7.66 to bet with. @silentcommand, please indicate whether you are placing £1 / Half (£3.83) / All (£7.66) on your chosen bet.

Poll closes at kick-off of City-Arsenal, 2:15 pm.

Sorry, just to make it obvious the matches are Man City - Arsenal, then Chelsea - Man Utd.

  • City / Chelsea (5/2)
  • City / Draw (4/1)
  • City / United (10/3)
  • Draw / Chelsea (19/2)
  • Draw / Draw (13/1)
  • Draw / United (23/2)
  • Arsenal / Chelsea (14/1)
  • Arsenal / Draw (18/1)
  • Arsenal / United (33/2)

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Have fun. One if these days i will fo back to Union Berlin (who am i kidding)

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Is this at the ground or a pub away from rhe ground.

We went to a pub on a big corner and this looks similar.