Antpocalypsenow's Cheap Kindle Books Thread!

Please post any good deals that you see in here.

I currently don’t have any.

I broke my kindle ages ago mate.

Sad news. Any deals that you know of?

Think I Capture the Castle is currently 99p

This is the sort of content that antpocalypsenow is looking for. Unfortunately not true though:


I’m back on the physical books, sorry

This is a guy I’ve followed on twitter for some time, I’ve read the first two and they’re pretty good, light reading but quite funny.

Kindle only or other formats too?


I’ve read the first one, didn’t realise there were others out. Cheers!

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I’ve been reading this, it’s very silly. Like if the TV show Bottom was set in the Second World War and their schemes actually worked. And it was a book. Kindle version is £2.99

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Absolute bargain this. 99p Daily Deal. Excellent book.

will i enjoy these if i haven’t read it as a kid?


Unless you are a twat.

So 50/50

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No idea, japes. They’re good but it depends whether you like good things much or not.