Is anus a rude word. Keep hearing it on 6Music:

Now I’m quick to leave you brainless
You anus






Always considered it a scientific term like penis etc rather than a rude one like arsehole
Maybe that’s just me


My Dad told me off for saying it once but then he also used to tape Mr Bean and pre-watch it before we were allowed to so you know…


Yeah but would you expect to hear the penis song on mainstream media?


So he could smash one out?


To Mr Bean!? What’s your angle here man?


I think I would yes.


As above like penis and the beauty of it is that you can get away with using it on the radio i guess. One the (w)hole: average.


I’m going with your dad is a sexual pervert who can only get off when wanking to the worst that Rowan Atkinson can offer - he probably likes some of those snickers ads too.


Right, thanks for clarifying.

Pretty disgusted by it frankly but at least you’re not being oblique about it.


Would you like a songwriting credit on my future mega hit ‘Rub your Penis on my Anus’?


I can honestly say, I’ve love one.




My follow up will be Idiot Penishead


Where is Royter anyway?


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