any android CFW nerds?

trying to get my head around installing CFW on my phone, following this guide OK…

until it says I need to build the LineageOS myself, and it starts going into some hardcore Linux lingo… is this the only way to go ahead? Last time I flashed CFW on my phone it had the cyanogen package already for me. Is Lineage a bit complicated for me?

I used to run CyanogenMod on some of my older phones, but stock Android (with a different launcher) is fine these days so I don’t feel the need.

That guide is making you build your own software package yourself, which is normally the kind of thing you only need to do if you’re using latest nightly builds or something. What phone do you have? There might be a slightly older pre-built LineageOS version that’s easier to install.

Xiaomi Mi A1, I like the idea of a better camera, battery life etc. Plus the latest official download has slowed up my phone and I can’t really afford a new one right now.

That looks like a right pain in the tits. I’d go for a ROM that doesn’t need you to install a fucking Linux virtual environment just to build the damn thing.

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Looks like xda-devs have got pre-built stuff:

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Thanks for confirming this was too much work :slightly_smiling_face:

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