Any Chance of a Thread on Rachel Dolezal?


Inspired by this

I was briefly interested in her story as part of a wider question about race as a social construct but this article made me think not only is she at best incredibly naive and ignorant at worst she’s also quite possibly racist.


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spells she’s wrong :smiley:


I thought I remembered this going quite badly last time but it was alright.


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Can’t deny it


Read this yesterday. It’s a great interview on an interesting case. I would be keen to know what Oluo thinks of Dolezal in regards to thoughts of mental health. This piece suggests she shows signs of ‘self-deception’ and body dysmorphic disorder, for eg.


I find her endlessly fascinating.


She’s definitely sick but I don’t think that necessarily means we should feel sorry for her. Or rather I certainly don’t think that means people shouldn’t angry about what she’s done. So really Oluo has no requirement to care about this.


I literally just came here to post this.

Anyway her name is Nkechi Amare Diallos now.


Name changes are fine. Saying her experience is like that of a black person is not.


She’s done nothing wrong.


Did you read the article yeah?


no, totally, the anger’s justified. And it’s not Oluo’s place to diagnose people. But surely any journalist about to sit down and write about/interview her must ask themselves ‘is this person ill, and should this affect my approach to how we interact’. It might, of course, be covered in the book. I don’t wanna read it though.