Any chance of switching over to https?


I’m not paranoid or anything but sites that don’t use encryption are blocked on the wifi at work.


second this.

It’s mad we allow private messaging and passwords and stuff without any SSL




We’ve got some work to do.




I don’t even understand the first sentence of this guide :sob:


Docker’s nothing special it’s like a sandboxed application that can run on any platform because it emulates a complete file system. If this is all based off a standard install you can more or less follow that guide to the letter.


I just Googled and that was the first result. Just raise it with the Discourse tech account, @sean


We haven’t done a standard install on our own server, if that’s what you mean? It’s running on their server but we might need to rethink that.


Oh I thought you set-up your own server as per

if it’s leased I guess just bang this request to whoever’s maintaining the server (discourse? idk)


Nah fuck em, they can just use their mobile data like us brexit plebs




@rik is looking into this for me.


Looks like doing this has caused issues @sean just had a load of security warnings when refreshing the site.


Yep, I’m getting it too.


They’re just doing the switch now I think.


Yeah think it’s because the certificate isn’t in place yet, maybe?

The warning seemed to be that I’m not on a secure connection though. Which I am.


What do I have to do to get a certificate? All you can eat challenge?


Sit in a classroom for 7 hours and feign interest while someone rattles through a load of slideshows.


It costs money I believe? If someone is setting this up for you you’ll need to ask them.