any chance you could sort out 'Title seems unclear, one or more words is very long?' when you get your migrating sorted x

yes, some words are that long


one or more words ABOUT very long


think i’d better de-emphasize that word lol

Oh dear.

Yeah, it’s just a setting we can increase, although there’ll be some kinda ultimate limit we can’t go over.

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Bump this for me later and I’ll have a look :eyes:

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same old cowcow challenging the lexicon of the discourse thread title coding

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Personally I would floccinaucinihilipilificate any attempt to change this.

Really enjoying you and @zeal taking this very seriously even though it’s just a minor side effect of cowcow’s weekend threads now the word’s been so elongated. :smiley:

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As if there’s anything more important than the weekend threads on DiS.


it is time


Increased to 255 characters - it’s the max that’s allowed, so I’m not sure what happens to weekends next year :grimacing:

isn’t working :pensive:

Isn’t this limit to stop the page width going wonky for most users?

No, it’s an anti-spam thing. Long titles should still work on most browsers these days - there’s a CSS thing that does it - can’t remember the name offhand though.