Any decent albums out today then ey?


Can’t help this week. But next week there’s the album by You Tell Me, featuring two Field Music alumni…


Here’s two I refer to, neither a complete list but good reference. The weekly new releases threads on here are really comprehensive for new stuff too


Ooh, there’s a release from 1900 (fao @ma0sm !), called Fältinspelningar. Nice Swedish instrumental stuff. Sort of like a slowed-down version of Haiku Salut perhaps. Just on my first listen of the new album now, and it sounds good so far.


Aye I’ve listened to them before. I’ll give it a go!


Rosseta the post metal band released an ep.
They’re always worth a listen.


Strange Ranger side project:

A few songs in and it sounds quiet and pretty.


Thanks for the consequence of sound link - going to be bookmarking that for sure!


Thanks also for these :slight_smile:


High Sunn - Our Perception

One for @Cameron12 maybe. Slipped by me last week. Lo-fi indie


Nice one cheers, will give it a spin


New Lorelle Meets The Obsolete released today is ace !


Yup, really liking this. Some lovely moments. The hazy slightly shambolic sound is a nice place to spend half an hour

Thanks again