any decent lunch options going on?

got anything exciting happening?

cafe near me is doing a chicken panini with peanut butter and things in it, some kind of satay vibe

sounds quite good like. i’m pretty hungry.

how hungry r u

1 = full
10 = starving

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Maccies when I finish on a call

currently eating lamb kofta, fucking delish


you going for one of the american burgers

also got salted caramel hazelnut brownie


oh hell yeah

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you got rice with that or a pita or what are we talking about

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I’ve got a marmalade sandwich as I’m a right Paddington motherfucker

Dry, stale bread, don’t even want to eat it

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cous cous
some tagine vegetables
hummous and a nice tomato salad


Got some roast veg/olive/spinach pasta leftovers soundtracked by Aldous Harding’s session on 6 music, decent vibes.


I just had porridge with almond milk.
I realised too late that my lunch was in a massive tupperware and I didn’t want to make myself late to work by dishing it out so all I have had today is the aforementioned porridge and a flat peach. The most erotic of all the peaches.

I am really, really hungry.
Oooh I have the best yoghurt in the fridge. That’s not going to fill me up enough though. I have to go straight to the shop before going home for cake ingredients so I am not going to get to eat my roasted veg till like 4.


this isn’t lunch

I had a vegan roll from Gregg’s.

It was alright.

when else would you eat a sandwich?

plasticniki’s snacktime :tm:


I may have walked past non-viet on my way into the office and I may have gone in :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been having 1 solitary egg for my lunches. Put it in my recycled gousto pot, with some pepper and healthy olive spray. Mix it. Pop in microwave for 30secs.
Today i didnt have a clean gousto pot though so i just had a blueberry libertè yoghurt. Have lost half a stone so far. :joy:

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I’d be so hungry after one egg for lunch that I may start to eat a co-worker. How do you cope?