any decent lunch options going on?

Delaying lunch until I’m on the way for train away from Edinburgh circa 1.45pm

Has it been stored properly?

In your hat?

Just realised I’ve forgot the office keys so basically I’ve just gone out for lunch :woman_shrugging:

Chicken fajita, hot chilli McCoy’s and a chunky Kitkat.


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I’ll be honest Keith, hats do not look good on me. Bulbous head syndrome.

So no, I don’t own a hat, so the sandwich was stored in my bag.

Non-standard storage but I’m OK with you being a maverick.

Just bought some BBQ brisket in M&S to go in rolls when I get home, and also something which seems to be bacon wrapped around sausage wrapped around jalapeno wrapped around cheese.

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Pigs in ponchos?

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Had a maccas as well

Soup with 3 types of beans (black-eye, kidney beans & black), red peppers, coriander in a smoky chilli and cumin spiced tomato sauce.

First time I haven’t had a bento box in a fortnight and you ask.

Cheese and Pickle sandwiches hastily made this morning. Still hungry though, so may get some soft bake cookies from the supermarket.