Any DiSsers in/from Margate/Kent ? Tell me about Margate/Kent

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It’s a bit like logan’s run except when hipsters turn 30 they have to move there. I’m a couple years late.


The hinges got rusty now I KENT open MARGATE.

I have nothing to contribute to this thread.


My brother lives in Kent. He spends most of his time working or going into London to see gigs. That’s all I know about Kent.

Some quite nice cycling to be had.

'kin 'ell

The Shell Grotto is really good.

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I dunno really, anything

something that will help me get a feel of the place. Is it full of aging hipsters (as @ericthefourth suggests) or is it Brexitland or something else ??

If I were to spend a week working there what would I be likely to be able to do/see in my evenings off/weekend?

it’s fine ccb. don’t worry about it.

came in here to make sure someone had done the “u fahkin kent” joke but this is much better

best contribution so far tbh

Yup, all of these. The hipsterisation of Margate has been somewhat overplayed I reckon, as the gentrification is literally a dozen streets in the old town, while the rest of the place continues to rot in that faded splendour seaside manner with charming UKIP undertones. That said, it’s nice enough - there are some good pubs, good places to eat, some decent independent shops, a smattering of live music/comedy doing the rounds and The Turner Contemporary obviously. Margate beach itself is not much to write home about, but there are some really nice beaches walking distance out of town. You can get out to the countryside, up to cliffs easy enough too. A lot of the nearby seaside towns are nicer imo.

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Pretty much this.

I like Ramsgate and Broadstairs and further afield Herne Bay and Whitstable are worth a visit, too.

I used to spend most of my summers down that way at my grandparents, so I might have slightly rose–tinted memories of the area, though.

I live there as of recently. I’m from not far away originally though, so I don’t get counted as a perfidious DFL (down from london).

Yep. Although I will say that Cliftonville (in between Margate and Broadstairs, where I live) has also perked up a lot. Five years ago the local high street was looking quite dead, now it’s got a good selection of shops and is doing quite well.

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I see


Thanks for this

might take you up on your offer - or maybe even drag you to Margate depending on what I do there

I am from West Kent. Royal Tunbridge Wells represent :princess:

Margate is ok, less of a shithole than I thought it would be. The huge grey building overlooking the beach is an absolute eyesore.

West Kent plug, though: there are lots of really gorgeous little villages in the Weald (west Kent/Sussex), and Tunbridge Wells is lovely. The Pantiles is nice (some great pubs in that area in particular), The Forum has been voted the best small venue in the UK a few times I think and the Wetherspoons is an old opera house. Plus there are loads of nice parks and restaurants/pubs, and the shopping is decent. Only 50 minutes away from London too and there’s a regular bus service to Brighton, although it takes forever.

Meanwhile Tonbridge has the best non league club~~ (and a Norman castle with lovely grounds. Rest of town leaves a lot to be desired but they’re trying to make it into a dining hotspot.)

I should also mention that the cost of living is low. I pay £450 for a one bed flat in a nice building/street. The pub nearby is advertising £2.85 pint deals.

The main resentment is Londoners with posh voices (that stick out like a sore thumb) who move down and open a small business selling something really frivolous and try to charge London prices, and get pissy when people won’t pay that. Or buy a house as a holiday home/investment and then leave it empty most of the year.

UKIP have never successfully got elected as MP- despite the fact their local candidate was Farage himself, but they do have plenty of seats on the council. There’s a lot of old people in bungalows in the area, and also a good amount of Polish and Romanian people who work on the many local fruit farms. Also Kosovan, Kurdish and Chinese people in the area for the kippers to resent.

And also the scary Belgians just behind their back. Ostend is 60 miles away, and until a few years ago there was a direct ferry service between Ramsgate and Ostend.

Might as well be Surrey. I suppose it’s not Essex at least.

Sevenoaks is definitely Surrey-lite - has a Lamborghini showroom etc - but RTW/Tonbridge are more like Sussex (TW is right by the Kent/Sussex border).

I think of East Kent as being South Essex :smiley: