Any electrician types on here?

I have an extension lead thing with a Macbook and a lamp plugged into it. When i turned the lamp on, both started flickering very dramatically and the sound cut out on my macbook as well. Switched it off at the mains but what does this sound like, is the socket overloaded or something?

Very hard to google this, incidentally

did you notice a sharp and quick popping sound or is there any black marking on the electrical socket itself?

How are your stools?

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plug a toaster in too

see what happens

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RIP @no-class

I don’t think so, hard to tell because had headphones on so could have been the sound of the music cutting out. sockets look fine.

freaked me out a bit, i had big earphones on so perfect conductor to my brain

Then a fuse isn’t blown, probably just a quick shortage.

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sounds like something has lodged inside the socket, best to poke around with a fork and see if you can get it

Do not do this. evil evil man. :rofl:

I have no idea what causes it but I bet the lead is knackered, try a different one

Be sure to take the full setup into the bathroom first, the best light to help you see is in there.

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