Any experience in dealing with lawyers?

As some of you have caught up on, my summer job this year ended up with some, uhmm, disagreements between me and my employer as to what amount of the work I’ve done that I should get paid for :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Without getting into all the details (which is also a bit pointless because different countries = different laws), she has now referrred me to her lawyer for «any further questions». Which is fine with me because she is HOPELESS to have any kind of logical discussion with anyway.

HOWEVER I have no experience in dealing with lawyers in this capacity (have only worked alongside some which is obviously very different). I’m interested to try to find out the lawyer’s angle on this case, but I don’t want to risk saying something «wrong» and damaging my case in any way (which would ve difficult to do tbh because all of the laws and regulations are on my side, but still).

So with the not insignificant caveat that I am in a different country feom you guys erc, what are your TOP TIPS for dealing with lawyers? I am poor and cannot pay for a lawyer for myself (looking into other options in this respect).

Anecdotes welcome.

Don’t really have any experience but I’d suggest sticking to stating facts rather than emotions etc.


Yeah I’m the fact oriented one in this case so that’s not a problem. Thanks!


Any interaction you have with them will cost her money so keep it up :+1:t2:


Oh and be clear about what outcome you want and by when.

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Just remember that the patent ones are neither proper lawyers or proper Drs and can potentially turn your toilet into a war zone.


Good points, well made.

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Kind of just want to ask him (lawyer man) what their opinion/stance etc on the case is, without giving away any info for free

This is a good point.

Have you looked into legal aid that would be available for you? I would personally not advise dealing with the other side’s lawyer directly - they have a professional and ethical obligation to protect their client’s interests but in terms of dealing with you they’ll only be interested in acting in accordance with their professional standards. They won’t do you any favours.

So I would try to get some free legal advice. If you can’t access state-provided legal aid then you can try contacting employment law specialists and asking if they have any pro bono allowance that they could help you under.

They’re not going to advise you that they think their client is in the wrong, even if they are.


Well no, but could give me an idea of what their «plan» etc is.

I am looking into options for legal aid etc btw :slight_smile:

I think it would be negligent of them to tell you any details about what their plans etc are. You’re the other side.


is the lawyer also a horse


I’d let one of my unions deal with this

I went to the pub with some lawyers the other day and one of them made me spaghetti.

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It had peas in it :cry:

Hate to be a downer but when i’ve known people get done over like this it’s usually a case of your word against theirs and even small claims wont really wanna get involved. Def get legal advice and see where that gets you. Probably for my own sake id go and write down everything i’d done and what i’m owed for while it’s still fresh in my memory. Hope labour laws are stronger in Norway than they are here :grimacing: good luck wr.

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Yeah I know. Hence the «kind of tempted». Thanks Dr Epimer.

I’ll send them a carrot and see what happens


Pretty sure they are.