Any faces you really hate?




It’s as if he’s already been taught that he’s better than the rest of us somehow.




fish in a barrel but it’s genuinely such a grotesque face

don’t worry though, I’ve found an improvement




It’s his little smug face. Can’t stand the annoying little prick.


Guys an absolute roaster


Frankie from The Saturday seems like a total dickhead. Something about her facial expression winds me up, it hinders my enjoyment of The Saturdays, otherwise I like them

omg piss off Frankie

I think a lot of you in this thread are deciding you don’t like the face because of the owner’s doings in the world, I have no other reason to dislike Frankie other than getting a bad vibe from her facial expressions




You can tell what a dickhead he is just by looking at his face. Can see from his expressions that he’s always thinking about everybody he hates.





that’s basically my face : (



on the same subject, this is incredible



don’t know who most of these people are other than they look like straight white English men


Good enough reason to hate 'em tbh