Any faces you really like


Witty… wtf?


Nope. This guy is ravishing.


And that clearly didn’t work.


I heart Kimmy



is this basically a stealth NRwRC thread?


oh aye got a massive lob on for Toby Jones




yeah but he’s almost acting as a beard here


Sorry for repost but i cant stop laughing at this face


I instantly recognised yer man from Get Out earlier this year, because his remarkably cheerful cheeky face has stuck out through all his British TV bit parts over the last 10 years

Makes me feel calm



I don’t understand this reference. The man’s just got a fascinating and brilliant face, innit


he does <3 i am not suggesting YOU are a NR with w RC collector, but that it is hijacked as one. Not that i am particularly against that either in fact. JUST AN OBSERVATION


oh right yeah kinda. I mean the crossover of fancying people and appreciating their faces is pretty high but I was aiming for the interesting and happy face market. Much like the faces you hate thread turned into a people you hate thread, just one of those things innit


I think hijacked is a bit strong, quick count shows 5 women’s faces.


this is fair.

and in the spirit of that fairness, here is a face that i love


how very heteronormative of you. BURN HIM.


Because Nuts was all about the gender fluidity?


We already burned Nuts tho.