Any favourite religious buildings?

This is an excellent choice! Understated but beautiful in its own way.

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That’s it! Walked past it when visiting someone and really wanted to go in but it was closed :frowning:

I would like to talk a out St Catherine’s church which lies near the village of Boot in the west of Cumbria, seen in this pic from across the stepping stones in the river Esk which it sits beside.

Not religious myself so there’s no spiritual significance to it, but the upper Esk Valley is p much my happy place and this is a local landmark, and nice place to orient walks around. From here you can walk up alongside the river until you reach a great steep mountain with the ruins of a Roman fort on it, or go the other way and see majestic waterfalls. It’s for me the perfect place to set off climbing up Scafell. Or if you don’t fancy something so strenuous you can walk the “coffin route” over into neighbouring Wasdale, where back in the day there was no church, so the dead were carried over the fells via this route to be buried in the consecrated grounds of St Catherine’s. It’s right next to the only semblance of a population centre in the area, which is just two nice pubs, a campsite, and a tourist miniature railway. Just a great place all round, feels calm and still, nice to go there and feel somewhat anchored, like the world and the human race is bigger than you will ever comprehend and people live and they die but the bigger things carry on the same.


It’s really cool because if you stand on Hope Street in one direction is the absolutely massive and traditional Anglican cathedral at one end then this space age babe at the other. What a pair


Some of my favourites that I’ve visited:

St Mary’s Cathedral, Tokyo by Kenzo Tange

Ronchamp Chapel by Le Corbusier

Coventry Cathedral by Basil Spence

Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm by Gunnar Apslund


Had to go to loads of events here as the nearest Catholic cathedral. Pretty cool!

Ones I would like to visit:

Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen


Riola Church by Alvar Aalto:




Distinct lack of this so far. One of the most beautiful cities in the world.


All the cool wooden ones in Norway. Lots were burnt down in the 90s by Satanists apparently. Cant remember exactly which one I saw


Is that the one in the Oslo open air folk museum thing?

Dickheads, not Satanists. Let’s not tarnish the good name of Satanists because some teenagers were being idiots. :smiley:

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But yeah, very cool buildings. I saw this one (borgund) a few years back, which is incredibly striking against the landscape

That just what my Auntie Barbara told me when I went to visit

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Think so yeah. I went to one near Stavanger I think

Oh yes, another one I’d like to see is the North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, by Eero Saarinen.


I’m mostly joking. :smiley:
It was the 90’s black metal crowd burning churches to drive god out of Scandinavia.

This Alexander Thomson church (now Free Church of Scotland)


This Serbian Orthodox church near me is quite cool.

There’s also a few Catholic churches around here that I’m guessing we’re built around the same time and maybe designed by the same person and have a certain look about them that I really like.


I’ve got some photos of the inside of that before it was restored when we had a tour of Glasgow’s Greek Thompson buildings from Gavin Stamp. It was in a really poor state back then (nearly 25 years ago), so it was good to see it brought back to life.

Locally I’m a sucker for the spooky, functional simplicity of Abney park chapel.