Any firefighters on here?

Thankyou for your service


I knew a fireman once, nice guy



My best mate is one, I’ll pass it on xx

Changed it, sorry :flushed:


I always say fight fire with fire

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I can’t see you lasting long on the force tbh


I’d use a wet blanket

Plenty of those on here…ammirite ladz?


So that’s what a firehose is

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I know one. I don’t know how they aren’t all 20 stone. All they do all day is cook. Every day he gets tagged in photos of whatever his “watch” are having that morning/afternoon/evening. Curries, chicken, pies, grilled sarnies, the lot. On a warm day they’ll all be sat outside the station with a load of burgers and sausages sizzling on the barbecue.


I know one firefighter. Probably the henchest person I have ever met in my life. His muscles have muscles. A real kind softie as well.

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Do they have a lot of down-time?

Obviously still working but spending a lot of time in the station waiting around?

Cant decide out whether I’d love that or hate it

my neighbour growing up was a firefighter and worked weird shifts so he also cleaned people’s windows on our street as a side hustle

guy must’ve loved being up ladders


id quite like to be one

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don’t thank me for that though that’d be silly!!! looks like i’m stealing valour

thanks in advance

it will be an honour to serve

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I work with someone who used to be a firefighter and he said he hated it because it was 90% sitting around doing fuck all. And then most of the other 10% was going round fitting smoke alarms for old folk.

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i would like the part where you’re spending a lot of time sitting around doing nothing (not much different to my usual job) but i don’t think i’d like the bit where you suddenly drop everything and go to a big fire where you might die