Any good docs on 70s New York?

Got an itch to see some stuff about the era since it’s so infamous, and probably plays into so much of what makes up the idea of NYC in my mind

Anyone got some shouts?

Good ol’ New Yoik Ciddy.

Hey, I’m walkkkkin ere, and etc.

Well it’s not really what I think you want but Citizen Jane is brilliant, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

oh no, nevermind it’s the 60s! (but it does shape what the nyc of the 70s would be i guess Citizen Jane (2016) - IMDb)


Nah this is great. Not the precise vibe the post was inspired by, but absolutely something that interests me - want to read the Power Broker one day, when I have a spare year … so anything on Moses and the development of the city tickles my fancy too

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I enjoyed ‘Rubble Kings’, even though it was a bit slight.

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NY77 The Coolest Year in Hell about New York being in decay in 1977
Fear City on Netflix about the mafia
Paris is Burning about the queer ballroom scene
Style Wars about graffiti
Man on Wire about the bloke who walked between the World Trade Centers
Once Upon A Time In New York BBC doc about hip hop/punk/disco’s start

loads of other random footage on youtube if you search around.

I also used to slightly fetishise it but after watching so many docs on it, the reality is that it was fucking grim and violent and would be genuinely horrible to live in. But all of the above are worth watching.


This is on iPlayer at the moment


Not a documentary but a friend bought me Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, which chronicles the changing face of Time Square/42nd Street from its gritty porn theatres and counter culture of the 70s to the gentrification of the 90s.

I highly recommend.

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Yeah, realise its a bit outside of what you’re after but its a film i wish more people had seen

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Watched this after watching ‘Pose’ and the amount of storylines, characters and scenes the series lifted from that documentary was ridiculous.

I know what you mean. Unfortunately Manhatten is largely gentrified now, and very little of that side of it is left, but the first time I went there I went to the Meat Packing district as it hadn’t yet been exposed to redevelopment on the scale that surrounding neighbourhoods had, and some of it was just grim. Really depressing. Shook me out of my romanticism of that gritty side that was once prevalent.

Everybody Street is about documentary photographers in New York and a bunch of the ones included were taking photos on the 70s

and this stuff is 80s not 70s but a good watch anyway

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Great doc!

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episode on the Lower East Side has a lot of interviews with people who were big in NY in the 70s

Pretend It’s A City on Netflix is also very good although just about New York in general

Was his episode on The Bronx that made me make the thread

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This is dead good

Second this. There’s another one called Wild Style that is also really good.

One of them is sampled on a Radio Dept song :smiley:

PSA. You can now get this as a free pdf

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News From Home could be up your street.

Saw this a few years back, remember it being quite interesting.

’ The film captures the South Bronx during an era that was rarely captured on film. It also captures New York City just before the advent of hip hop, the devastating effects of the crack epidemic and before the proliferation of gang gun violence.’