Any good exhibitions or owt on in that London at the minute?


Just walked to the British Museum as I’ve never been before and though “why not?” but the queue is the reason why not…

Anything good ok at the minute?


Next time: use the entrance on Montague Place, there is never a queue on that side of the building


There’s one at the Barbican about sci-fi that looks pretty rad.


Might just nip back and try that tbh Hoogs. Literally just wandering aimlessly at the minute.



i’m really hoping to see this at some stage.

interesting aside: gregory crewdson was a massive influence on the cover art for ‘we were exploding anyway’, the fourth album by the sheffield pop sensations (beloved of both of us) 65daysofstatic.


The new Hokusai exhibition at the BM is supposed to be very good (if you like your Japanese painting) but I haven’t been yet so can’t confirm that.


Up until recently you used to be able to pretty much just walk in even on a weekend unless it was full on peak time. Don’t remember ever having to queue but now they that bag check tent thing to the side they filter everyone though and it takes longer. But as been said the side entrance should be quicker.

I saw the Hokusai one the other week which is goo dbut if you’ve never been and could just wander round and see the mummies and marbles and Rosetta stone etc.


Nice one Hoogy, you are as wise as whoever the fuck this is:


Think it’s @profk


It’s probably Edward the Seventh.





looks like the popular canadian author/artist doug coupland to me!


might be edward the eleventh


the robot exhibition at the science museum is supposed to be really good.


That Sci Fi one at the Barbican one looks great. I saw that looping video thing on their web page for it and thought - “Yes. That I need to see”


Oh, yeah. That one.


I was at the British museum a few weeks ago and the queue was absolutely fine… it’s just to get your bag searched and it goes down in like 5 minutes


Just got out. Lot of fucking old stuff in there eh.

Might wander over to the Barbican for that sci-fi one now…


@discobot fortune
This exhibition worth a go?