Any good Podcast Recommendations Please

Given I like such podcasts as RHLSTP, Elis James/John Robins, Adam Buxton, James O’ Brien…

I’ve heard the The Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse Athletico Mince is good too but not listened yet.

Any others in this vein?


Time for a :studio_microphone: :speaking_head: How Good Are They Really? Podcasts Edition I think. Drive the board’s foward march towards just being a list of things.


Its not Paul Whitehouse who does Mince, its Andy Dawson

Sounds like you’d love ed Gamble and Matthew Crosby too

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Horne Section podcast is some very nice silliness

feel like there should be more really good podcasts than there actually are


Leave it with me

I always feel the opposite. Like this medium which is free with episodes which often last over an hour. It’s amazing there are any which aren’t total dogshit.


Aren’t you and joke starting one?

I forgot about our appointment to talk about it (I think he did too) and now it’s awkward

That’s a shame :frowning:

I am available

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I enjoyed the ones Jon Ronson put together on the porn industry. It’s less to do with the subject or the show, I just like him and his style

The Butterfly Effect
Last Days of August

Cheers I did doubt myself as I wrote PW’s name actually!

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Tag me you coward

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I forgot and then remembered but then forgot to tell you I forgot.

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I’d love to do a podcast with joke and maoam :star_struck:



Featuring jokes about Maoism

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What kind of podcast

Don’t forget kermit

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