Any good recipes involving condensed milk?

Excluding sandwiches or toffee.

Have a fair bit left after making a Dan Lepard cake yesterday.

I’m guessing you’ve excluded caramel shortbread here.

I’m out.

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Hmm, I love this but never considered trying to make it!

Condensed milk is sugary no? I can’t do sugar in my tea, it just tastes like the milk has gone off to me :grimacing:

It was more that I know caramel is an option on its own and was heading that off as a glib answer thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry what?!!!

A thing Lenny Henry did in Tiswas. I guess the likes of @zxcvbnm and @NoahVale might get the reference

Oh right, thought you were serious for a minute there.

Tbf I’ve never tried it. I guess bread and butter pudding is basically bread in sweet milk so?

The Carnation website is your friend here, though some of the recipes are for caramel or evap so watch out for those.

This looks alright:

Or peppermint creams would be very easy to adjust to the amount you have:
(coconut ice is also easily adjustable)

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kinhell m60

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Fudge! Obviously fudge

Chopped up banana stir the milk and about kilo of sugar into it and eat it with a spoon

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Cheesecake. Makes a very good one!

too sweet for me but brigadeiro is easy to make

you can put it on tapioca pancakes too

loads more brazilian stuff probably
this post is for everyone


Gypsy tart!

Bit personal etc.


I used to have it poured over fruit crumble. Tasty.

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