Any interest in an evening thread?

Hi guys!


Listening to Fennesz, making some zines. I’m doing a stall on Saturday at an event, so I need to have things finished to sell. Got a new laser printer today to replace my busted one which is a relief.


you’re a busy one!

An unemployed one in need of cash.

evenin’ bammers et al

Feel like I’ve been beaten by an Excel formula today

Had to resort to a helper column,the shame

Hope things LOOKUP for you later!


(in all seriousness, if you describe the problem on a new thread, there are plenty of people on here who are good at solving that stuff)

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I’m more of an index/match combo kinda person but thanks

need to consolidate the piles of letters and documents that i’ve attempted to sort three times in the last week and each time have given up on because of how boring it is. might do that soonish so it’s over and done with.

there’s a thing on the local news about companies who have lego and table tennis tables in their offices. there’s a company who have a slide between floors, ffs (naked wines)

That a funny I was just thinking about making myself voluntarily unemployed. Want to do my job for a bit?

I need to remember how to be an artist.

Sorry mate was away doing the washing up.

Evening! You ok?

I don’t know, maybe I’d be really bad at your job?

I have just a whole drawer where I chuck all my bank statements, payslips, warranties, basically everything I shouldn’t throw away. It’s such a mess now I’m scared to look at it. Why do I even have paper bank statements! I can probably opt out of that online or something right?

Sorry for being a bad adult

feeling kinda bummed out tbh
dunno why

It’s probably beneath you and I can guarantee you would hate it so don’t worry.

I spent some time folding cardboard signs all day every day. It’s probably not worse than that.

World events/bad weather/Monday etc probably.

What’s a fun thing to do? Go for a run or watch a comedy or something. Wish I could go for a run but I’ve had a beer already so not going to happen.

How’s your tolerance for sexism and racism?