Any interesting/amusing injuries?

I once knicked an artery on my hand playing on a Nintendo Wii and suffered substantial blood less.

Anyone else had any amusing/horrific pratfalls?

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Fell asleep at a party, didn’t move all night, woke up and thought I’d had a stroke as I couldnt use my arm or fingers, but it was in fact ‘Saturday Night Palsy’ and I have permanent nerve damage in my left arm.

At first I couldn’t use it for 6 weeks at all, but I was in a new job and didn’t want them knowing it was booze related so I told them it was RSI and they bought me loads of ergonomic equipment and were really good about it and I felt terrible for lying.


Holy smokes! I had no idea that could actually happen.

The only lasting damage i suffered was a small scar on my hand. And my friend had to get a new carpet. I guess I got off lightly.

Slipped and put a tentpole through my right eyelid (went between the eye and the nose) on the first day of Glastonbury '04. Four stitches in the medical tent and an eye-patch. It later turned out that depth perception is important when navigating campsites, but managed to avoid any further injuries.

Yes, it hurt lots. The eye was fine.

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I frequently wake up unable to move an arm because of the position I sleep in. Worrying.

I spent the summer of 2005 leading international volunteers round Carmarthenshire, regenerating footpaths. One of the tasks we’d do was to build stiles, and in places, to do that, we had to remove old stiles. On one morning, while doing just that - removing a rotten old stile. I was wielding a claw hammer; the type you might use to carefully lever out nails, or thump nails into wood. In this instance, however I’d decided that a claw hammer was actually an appropriate tool to create some destruction with. Avoiding all of the health and safety advice i was responsible for giving, I tried using the claw to try to break part of the step by thwarking it hard against the wood. Unfortunately for my shin, as I brought the hammer down with a furious swipe, the wood gave way slightly, deflecting one of the claws straight smack bang wallop into my favourite right shin - the right shin in my right leg, about 3 inches below my knee. You could say I’d successfully achieved my destructive ambitions. the stile was a lot easier for everyone else to remove after my heroics, however it had rendered me somewhat incapable of walking. I feel pretty darn lucky, as although I managed to dent my shinbone, I somehow avoided anything worse than gauging a hole in my flesh. I’ll level with you, I felt very queasy and had to sit down for quite a while, like in excess of probably a few hours at least. I did manage to hobble up a hill later that day, from where I watched a red kite playing catch and drop and catch and drop with a small rodent, while counting my blessings.


Never heard of this b4. Is it just like an extreme version of falling asleep on your arm and it going numb?

This was from a year ago and there was so much blood.

Loads (I’m accident prone)

In a Design and Technology class at school I slipped with a Stanley knife and put it straight through the palm of my hand. Got rushed to hospital by the teacher, and bled all over the inside of his car.

Hit a tree at full pelt on a mountain bike. Broke some ribs. Got pneumonia whilst still recovering.

Tripped over in my living room. Just tripped over. Didn’t hit anything. Broke my arm.

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Hmm, no, much more severe than that. The nerve gets compressed or bruised or something. I could lift my arm a bit but i coildnt even wiggle my fingers for a few months. It happened to me 16 years ago and I still lose loss of my arm sometimes, if I carry something heavy or for a few days after I’ve been drinking (one of the reasons I don’t really drink anymore)

When I was 13 or so me and my best mate were having a crafty cig in the garden shed. All of a sudden I heard my mum shouting, had a heart attack and flicked the cherry onto my left middle finger knuckle.

There’s still a massive scar now.

Broke my wrist falling off a seesaw.

Nineteen years old I was (it was my nineteenth birthday).

[The bloke who fell off the other end of the seesaw causing me to plummet to the ground is now a doctor. He was no fucking use then though.]

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This is the winner so far.


Also when i was about 7 i was in the garden messing about with the old wood from a bonfire with my cousins and one of them spun round while holding some and the splintered edge of a large stick went directly in my eye. Instead of telling my mum i ran upstairs to find sunglasses cos i was worried i was going to get told off.

Everyone was like “why you wearing sunglasses you weirdo” and then my mum was like wtf and took me t’doctors.

This reminds me of a scar/mark my friend has.

We were in Australia sunbathing and she had a sandwich or something with tomato on. A tomato seed fell onto her and she didn’t notice. There was a white spot what e it had been afterwards, but it stayed forever. Almost 20 years later and she still has a white tomato seed sized spot.


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Woah fucking hell never even knew this was a thing. So scary :anguished:

Think it also gets called honeymoon palsy

Went snowboarding for the first time in 1996, I’d had a few lessons (on a dry slope, which cost me two broken fingers, but that’s another story) but hadn’t really nailed my turns so did a lot of falling over. I’d lost my arm two years previously (not particularly amusing) and was wearing the fake hand prosthetic more as a balance aid than anything else.

We were messing about in some powder and I was going quite fast and caught an edge, down I went face first and pow! Something whacked me hard in the face, for a minute I thought I’d hit a stone but looked around and could see nothing but soft fluffy snow, I couldn’t understand it, it felt like I’d been punched in the nose. I then realised that’s exactly what had happened, I’d fallen onto my prosthetic which had basically literally punched me in the face! I spent the rest of the holiday explaining I’d given myself the two black eyes!


I have a bunch of nifty scars from falling down or knocking into things. The oldest is from when I I was a toddler and sliced off the top of my big toe by getting it caught in the spokes of a tricycle.

I wasn’t supposed to be using that tricycle (I was told I was “too small”, which is why I pushed over the boy riding it and took it myself) and also didn’t have my shoes on because… I actually don’t know but my mother said she gave up on dressing me up nice fairly early on for very solid reasons. Result: A scar that has lasted more than 50 years and a good example of “I’ve always been like this”.

@AQOS: potw please

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