Any lawyers/people who've studied law on DiS? what did you think of it?


good job out of it? interesting work? i want the truth i can handle it. am i too old at 28 to study something that meaty? is law a worthwhile career? is it profitable? can i help the world? would you study it again if you could? are you happy being a solicitor/lawyer?


I’ve worked in a lot of law firms. They’re all lowkey pricks (sorry the two off here). They almost all seem satisfied though.


Don’t know if there have been any DiS lawyers, tbh. If there have been they’ve kept quiet about it.


the prick factor does seem like a deal breaker.


I paid sean over £3k for my degree and it turns out it’s not recognised by a single firm in the country


There are conversion masters courses in it aren’t there? I’d be interested to know how useful they are? Not that it’s something I’d really consider.


When I did a university open day I went to a law intro session thinking it could be for me. Fell asleep about 10 minutes in.

All the lawyers I know are in corporate stuff, writing contracts for selling “telecoms” to the Saudis and so on. They earn a metric shit tonne, but they also work insane hours. No way I could hack it.


It’s definitely a case of stuffing your mouth with so much silver the grinding pedantry and questionable morality just slips away.


I guess. I saw a pic of the guy’s office the other day, expecting floor to ceiling windows and leather sofas and shit, and it was barely more than a cubicle, with waist-high stacks of documents all over the place. And this cunt is on six figures, easy. It’s not for me.


Extreme paper fetishists.



that covered 2 months on the old servers


I like my job, but I’m not actually a lawyer by any sensible definition.

Glad I could be helpful.


My sister did it at about 30. Said it was full of your typical high flying business woman/man type…Did the course then decided she didn’t actually want to do law.

Half the problem is getting your pupilage at the end I think. She couldn’t get one do ended up working at a no win no fee type place which understandably killed her love for law.


This genuinely might be my favourite ever DiS post.

Well done.


occasionally have come in to contact with lawyers through work, they seemed nice enough and not too stressed but I think it very much depends on choosing the right area to specialize in.


Yup, as I am perhaps somewhat infamous on here for constantly asking for uni advice/having an existential crisis about education every 2 months.

I’m in my final year now, doing law with politics. I have often found it incredibly hard to motivate myself about something so bloody dull, and as a result I have put myself in a shit position for my final year where I basically have to get 70 this semester to do the masters I want (though I pulled that out of the bag at Christmas, not sure how).

My main gripes with the course are that the law lectures are all very fucking dull. They’re mostly just academic who are very very bad at engaging you in the material and seem unable to grasp that just reading big blocks of cases is a bad idea.

As well, I struggled doing a joint honours. It has meant I’ve had to do all the really boring law modules at once. 2nd year was very bad, I had the joys of studying Land Law and European Internal Market Law at the same time.

Recently I grew into the course (kind of) after 2 years of wanting to drop out. Still find it hard to motivate myself. Under no circumstances do I want to practice the law, I would go mental trying to do that, which makes me feel like I have wasted the last 3 years, but it’s too late to do anything about that now.

Basically, do it if you have a high threshold for boredom.


be careful about the ol’ libel there, mate.


for the record, I have never met a single interesting lawyer. one of my ATDs did it and is now an ‘associate’ (dunno what that means) at a large corporate law firm. makes bank, but you ask him what he does like, day to day, and its literally just paperwork and finding out how to avoid paying taxes on stuff.


I believe they get you a qualifying law degree but I could only imagine how awful doing one of those would be