Any music you find difficult to listen to on Headphones (or vice versa)

There your ears dont really like Blank Mass. Open back headphones will probably fair considerably better. But kind of take away one of the major pluses in having headphones…

I tend to listen to music either streaming off my phone on my car stereo on my commute or on vinyl on a very nice set up at home. Obviously the latter sounds better than the former but I REALLY noticed the difference with Blanck Mass to the extent that I think the injunction to turn it up on the lp must refer to something about the way it is mastered such that it sounds so so much better ah decent volume on a decent system.

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Stop shifting the goalposts m8… I like their music, too harsh on headphones, fine from an external source. Hence, thread.

I mean if it was really bothering me that much i’d buy some open backs or some treble-dampening headphones, or use eq, but it’s not bothering me that much, i just thought there was a thread in it.

The answer to this question is Serge Gainsbourg - L’Histoire de Melody Nelson.

Concur with you on Blanck Mass. Love World Eater but tried going for a walk with it on my headphones the other week and it was just tooooo much. Can’t think of any others at this time, sorry

Sorry @mroc these posts sound more narky than intended

There’s a thread on here somewhere, but honestly - get some Bose 35 noise cancelling headphones. Not too bulky, don’t over complicate the sound, wireless - they work a treat… but cost a fortune.

Nah you’re good mate. Did go a bit off topic my original point was just that some stuff does sound worse with ear buds but not had any issues with proper headphones

Yeah - normally it annoys me but it works with Drums N Guns I think…their most under-rated LP in their canon

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