Any new life rules you've adopted recently?

Mine is never trust anything that claims it can be a marinade, dressing or SOUP?! Miso wrong

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Avoiding the A14 at all costs isn’t always right.

It’s not a very big life rule, I’ll grant you.

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Live by the sword
Die by the sword

Trust no one.

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if in doubt, kick it out

What about mums?I feel we can mostly trust mums

I said NO ONE.


What about poor old Clive?

A stich in time saves nine, u would do well to remember that Dis

Is there another way to get to Ipswich from Leeds that doesn’t involve the back streets of Cambridge?

Trust your instincts.

Yep, I’ve only learned that aged 30. But at least I got there.

Find out what Quark is, and then either destroy it, or anoint it as supreme leader.


Never ever bloody anything ever.

I sleep with one eye open.

Fuck the A14, that fucking road


Don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling because he’s drunk and alone. Sort yourself out Dad.


Currently my best way to get to work in the morning :man_shrugging:

Shouldn’t be diversions through the town all of the time.

Failing that, M25/M1 if you truly hate yourself.

When there’s an accident on the a14 (every day??) I follow google maps and it sends me through some very expensive areas with marinas and shit.
No way am I doing the M1, M25

You might have driven by my old house then.

Not where the marinas are, where the homeless shelters are.