Any New Year's resolutions?


I have never really done any before (apart from something lame as a kid, I’m sure), but considering going no make-up for a year. Won’t be a huge change tbh as I hardly ever bother these days anyway. But to kind of make a thing of it and be conscious about it even for fancy occasions etc. where women are expected to/feel more comfortable in make-up.


Mate can we get Christmas out the way first? Ffs

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all the same innit

Nah, I’ve basically nailed it all already.

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Not to whitey in the first six months


Also to start saying bruv more


eat more peanut butter


Join a new dance class.

Remember my nieces’ and nephew’s birthdays and send them cool shit and not books, also be better at sending birthday presents to my siblings and their spouses as they’re all great people and now I’m not poor anymore I want to make it up to them

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need to think of something more tangible than ‘sort my fucking life out’


Finding some kind of middle ground between drinking loads of beer and eating loads of biscuits. Seem to be able to do one or the other.

Drink less. Eat more jam.

so much to sort out, reckon 2018 is my last chance at any kind of life so I need to:

lose weight
get more sleep
eat healthier
find a way to earn money without doing a terrible minimum wage job with racists
feel creatively fulfilled
find true love and happiness

Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Can you wait until after I’ve sent you the Scottish hamper please? :wink:

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sure but Scottish food is pretty healthy right?

Oh sure. Just to be on the safe side.

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Quit smoking
Stop drinking in the middle of the week (already done that, with this week being an exception)
Get a new job
Learn to drive
Buy one of those 256GB ipods (or just download Google Play Music, not sure which is more worth it, probably the latter)
Move out

fuck sake these were all things I was supposed to do this year

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Move? IDK

Read more

That’s it to be honest…

Stop drinking at home.
Be more enthusiastic about work.
Stop eating crisps.
Finish that 1001 albums list that @Mistersteve did.