Any of these comedians any good?

If you could say why they’re good that’d be smashing too

George Egg will definitely be funny as he’s hilariously picked George Egg as his stage name.


Fern Brady seems alright on the radio, not sure if I’ve heard any of her actual standup though

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Gein’s Family Giftshop

Gavin Osborne does music comedy stuff about football manager and other bits and bobs. He’s alright.

Rob Deering is a bit shit, but he does a pretty funny ‘game show’ Beat This (normally at midnight on Saturday).

I normally duck in there and spend a bit of time if there’s not much on. It’s a bit hit and miss, but have seen some good stuff in the past

She’s shite

I like Geins and Will Duggan. Thank you for reading.

I really like Fern Brady.

Mike Bubbins and George Egg

Phil Wang is funny. Takes the piss out of himself quite a lot.

I like Jess Fostekew, she hosts The Guilty Feminist.

I like Phil Wang a lot.

I’ve seen Gavin Osborne with Daniel Kitson before and he seemed good but that might’ve just been the Kitson halo? Also not sure whether he’s actually a comedian.

I hear good things about Geins but I’ve never seen them.

Saw Tom Wrigglesworth at another festival earlier this year. He was alright. Material was a bit middle of the road, but there was a certain charm to his delivery. I wouldn’t give up the chance of a decent band to watch him again, but if there’s nothing else going on it won’t be a complete waste of your time. [DISCLAIMER: he was on at about one in the morning, and I had been drinking since roughly 10am on about three hours sleep the night before, so my judgement may not have been at it’s sharpest]

Wang! I’m already laughing


Deering is great. I mean obviously he’s shit but lovingly so, and he’ll always get a pass from me after spending five minutes trying to play freebird after I heckled him at Leeds fest aeons ago

That’s basically what beat this is. audience members call out songs and he plays them (badly) whilst singing other songs over the top of the tune. Great fun. And it’s seated

NOBODY should go and see Phil Wang, he was mean to me once! I’m actually hoping I’ll spot him around the Green Man site and I can have it out with him, give him a piece of my mind.

Used to work with and was good Mates with Phil Jerrod for a while - he is good so go see him! Sort of ranty existentialism stuff (or was last time I saw him anyway)

Used to have a good joke about ringo Starr being dead but I’m not sure he does that anymore.

I really like Phil Wang.

Stuart Laws is good mates with James Acaster so expect similar. Saw him once and enjoyed it.

Who is James Acaster?

Another comedian, has some excellent specials on Netflix