Any of y'all been sequestered lately?

Talk about times you’ve been sequestered in the last 10-12 days in this thread

I meant subpoenaed

All right, Craig Finn



I don’t know who Craig Finn is

or what “sequestered” means

or what “subpoenaed” means

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Ive been sou’westered if that’s any good

He sings in and writes songs for a band that have a song with those two words in the chorus

Fuck it, who cares at this point. Go for it

He was ‘subpoenaed’ in Texas and ‘sequestered’ in Memphis.

I’ll have a pint for me and an Affidavit


This works, yes it does.

David’s driving you see

This is really good, top tier stuff.

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I’d be uncomfortable disclosing this in a public setting, sorry.

Really like it

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