Any of you cunts see Coronation Street last night

They did fancy camera work and a different lens or whatever that made it film-like when Geoff was doing the magic trick. Look it up, never seen anything like it on Coronation Street before.

Did Alan get run over by a tram?


Look at it, it’s like Inside No 9


No, it’s shit

Fucking hell did someone buy Granada a steadycam for Christmas? More impressed with the set tbh. Four walls!


Me either but it’s better than actually having a conversation with 'er indoors, AM I RIGHT LADS



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Accidentally caught an episode of Eastenders the other night. Every time i watch it there’s a storyline about a paedophile, someone’s threatening someone else with something they know about a murder, and there’s a new family who argue a lot.

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Think that might have been the news


Saw a bit of it actually. First time since Christmas so it’s coincidental that you’ve made this thread.

Didn’t see a magic trick though sorry

Geoff is good. I mean, evil, but good

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excuse me

South of Stafford’s a southerner, imho.


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Why are they called “soaps”?

isn’t it when tv advertising properly started - specifically with laundry powder, dish soap and that?

Yeah that’s probably it. Anti-climatic

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O boy! People in this thread who haven’t watched this, please do. It’s unsettling.

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Not available in my country :frowning: