Any of you fuckers a toastmaster or a member of a debating club or anything at all like that


Cos I’m a mouthy twat and need a place to run free.

Also I find every now and again I have a problem speaking - even though it’s what I could possibility call in the most self indulgent way possible a strength of mine - I’ve got a mental block about it. Every now and again it’s like my power is removed. I have to fight to FUCK to speak properly when in a meeting or room.

Other times I boss it like a boss.

Need to go somewhere and actually work on this skill. As un-British as this sounds. I genuinely believe it’s holding me back.

So anyone do anything like this?

Zero replies? Or worse - two token replies (the dreaded TTR).


No, I’m not.






did debate club once and it was the absolute worst. never again


Was it full of cool switched on cunts or terrible nerdy cunts? Or just cunts.

Basically. Tell me.


hmm. i remember it was mainly academics who were a bit… basically irked that the local state school team were even involved


Zuul seeks the toastmaster


what’s it holding you back from doing? winning arguments on DiS?


have you still not read the essay!?


I’m not going to lie to you


let’s have a practice argument now. what would you like to argue about?


Lexit, pros and cons


It’s hard. I know i’m a big ol’ lefty at heart but when i hear people with comparable views airing them publically my overbearing thoughts aren’t along the lines of “Great, a similarly-minded human being with reasoned opinions i can relate to”, but more “What a fucking smarmy twat”. My self-loathing runs that deep.




One of my mates was asking what the most ethical backpack was.

Obviously mocked her for giving someone a blowjob in a toilet when she was in a wheelchair due to a broken leg and deleted her


so many excellent things about this


No, I argue with people for a living. Mostly in writing, though. Some oral (snrk) proceedings.

My first university girlfriend was a member of the debating society and dragged me along a few times. At St Andrews. Whatever you’re now imagining: it was much, much worse than that.


man, that’s the dream



See? I’m a pro.