Any of you know any decent Spanish language classes in central that London please?



I was going to go to Mary Ward Centre but being the sub-par human that I am, I didn’t register in time. I really like it there, they have nice cakes in the cafe.


Alright Piers Morgan.


is this because I said I was a sub-par human?


Morley College central enough for you (Waterloo)?

Their language courses are usually decent, plus they tend to have relatively flexible dates (most colleges will already have started by now right?)


That might be pretty good actually, there’s one start next week, thanks.



Not even an acknowledgement of my amazing joke from @foppyish :’(


piers morgan’s retort there reads like a complete fabrication.

also didn’t know corbs could habla the espanol


Maybe he was just saying the only words in Spanish he knew and Hector played along because they both knew Piers Morgan would swallow it.


City lit is meant to be good!


muy bien

this spanish thing is easy


oh theo is just the same in spanish too. dead easy!